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B.Com, ACMA, ACA, CIMA, Adv Dip MA (UK).

He is a unique personality with wide array of knowledge. He has the potential to disseminate the gained knowledge to persuade the thinking of the students. He is well versed in Cost Works and has a lot of experience in his field.

Sreejith Warriyar

BAL, LL.B, FCS, MBA (Finance)

A Practicing Company Secretary and is also a final year CA candidate. He has rich experience in Practical Tax Section. The leading tax consultant’s empirical experience together with his aptitude in teaching kindles the students ‘mind

Anoop Menon 

B.Com, LLB(Honos)

 Highly driven and confident law graduate who was ranked eighth in his LLB from Karnataka State Law University .Owns clear and logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving .Drives to see things through to completion. Acquires new skills and hones the existing one. Experiments variety of styles for moulding students to make them unique. Moves beyond curriculum, and train life skills too. Wonderful team mate who is punctual, polite and positive.

Jyoti Lakshmi. R

B.Sc (Maths) B.Sc (Statistics) B.Com, M.Com, MBA, B.Ed. M.phil


A flourishing faculty with 29 years of experience in Mathematics. Vast and various know-how in algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus and other areas of mathematics allows her to confidently explain concepts and processes . Solves problems without constantly consulting the answer key. This buoyancy boosts her credibility and helps students trust in the ability to teach them what they need to know about competitive exams in Government-Public-Private sectors

Bindu Thomas

MA (Economics), BEd.

Ms Bindu is friendly and congenial. Bears good personality. Handles sudden changes without causing distraction. Completes task meticulously and effectively. Establishes clear objectives and works to meet those. Apply the newest research in the classroom. Fosters admiration, trust, and respect among the students that transcends the walls of the classroom. Tailors lessons to meet the needs of all the students. Ms.Bindu Thomas readily walks the extra mile for success of the students.


M.Com, B.Ed, M.Phil

Prepares well for the class, knowledgeable, and to learn the culture. Creates a good environment within the class. A good listener and help those that need support with the language. Patient with students in as accountancy needs more support. Enjoys the challenge and has a real passion for teaching. Constantly provides students with something challenging that help them gain confidence.


MBA(Fin & HR), NET.

Sincerely cares for the students. Shows remarkable resilience and fortitude. Possess a solid command of content. Holds students’ appreciation through subject mastery, and skillful lesson design. Provides students with structure and maximise learning. Presents in ways which are interesting and involving. Reinforces every major point with a meaningful referent. Relates material to the student’s world. Puts information across in a clear, understandable manner. Provides a syllabus containing objectives, bibliography, assignments, lab reports, homework, test schedule, special requirements, grading, guidelines. Uses instructional aids effectively. Uses great care in grading and testing



Mr.Paul is an excellent sports persona of Palakkad who has represented Kerala in Tennis and Basket ball. Participated national school tennis championship in five consecutive years representing Kerala. Five time district representation and won three silver and two bronze medals in state championship. A Gold Medalist of all India inter college tournament in 2010.

Mr.Paul was the participant of state basket ball team for six years and represented three times in YMCA National Championship. Also participated in Inter University championship.

Board member of district tennis and basketball association, Palakkad is the perfect pick for shaping hale and hearty Prayaga. An excellent role model. Reflects good health, physical coordination and vitality. Confident and strong, physically fit and able to demonstrate the techniques needed for competitive sports and exercise routines. Sound knowledge on healthy food habits and knowledgeable about the nutritional value of the different food groups. Having high moral standards and transforms these to his students. Encourages and motivates even the less physically adept students to put forth their best effort

Girija Krishnan

BA (English)

Ms.Girija Krishnan plays a key role in developing English speaking skills of the students. Three decades of experience in teaching energises the students and encourages them to handle the language confidently. Ms.Girija extracts the best out of each student by inspiring them unremitted. The proactiveness staves off the ballooning diffidence of the students in dealing with the classical language.

The experiments with the day to day activities of students’ are the critical component of the English class. The punctuality leads efficiency and increase in academic success. Ms.Girija creates an efficient system to find resources and other materials quickly which a teacher needs. A great teacher who finds the system that works for the students and makes them the best communicators.


Non teaching Staff

Smt. Draupathy is a non teaching staff of Prayaga and with her motherly approch she easily understands the problems of students. She strongly believes cleanliness is the basis of success for any organization. With her commitment and relentless efforts, she ensures that the campus is always clean and hygienic for all staff and students.



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